Wenn es um Pferdeausbildung mittels Körpersprache geht, nimmt er den Mund nicht zu voll. Einfach Happy lautet sein Erfolgskonzept. Und weil die Teilnehmer des ersten Kurses „einfach happy“ waren, gibt es in zwei Wochen am 11. und 12. Oktober eine Wiederholung mit dem lizensierten Branderup Trainer Jossy Reynvoet aus Belgien. Was ihm noch wichtig ist – dass Pferde das Maul in der Ausbildung nicht voll haben.

We are very happy to welcome you again for the second clinic this year in Graz. Especially your work with body language was inspiring to the audience. How did you develop this kind of body language?

When I made the change from bit to bitless, I automatically noticed that my relationship with my horses was different. I felt more connection. I had to take more time to make them understand what I expected from them without the pressure of the bit. Since more than 20 years my groundwork is always evolving. I made my groundwork fit to my riding. What is happening on the ground will also happen on the top of your horse. My body language is like a dance. It is clear for the human and that makes it easier for the horse.

I was really surprised how easy it was to move my horse just with the body – why can horses understand this language?

When horses are together in a herd, they are aware of the smallest intention and physical sign of other horses. My body language, the movable core, is based on working with your own intention, with your primary aids. That is why horses react immediately on this body language.


Das neue Cavesal überzeugt im Test

Is it possible to use the body language also from the saddle?

Yes, that is my goal. That is why I refine the movable core constantly. The horse will understand it because you did the same on the ground. The most important is that we get the natural concentration. Than we get a better connection in all positions on the ground and on the saddle.

In our first clinic you wanted us riders to focus more on our feeling. Is there a secret to develop a fine feeling for the horse?

Yes, there is a secret. The key is “do not look at your horse all the time”. Learn to feel what is going on through your longe, leadrope, reins, body. When you sit on your horse you can’t look to his legs etc…. So learn to know by theory what the horse should do, look to other riders, listen to other lessons and than try to feel it from the groundwork yourself. Than it will be easier when you sit on your horse.

At Summer Academy in Denmark horse dental expert Torbjörn Lundström gave a very interesting speech about the horse`s mouth. Did his speech influence your opinion about bitless riding in any way?

This was a very interesting lecture. It did not influence my opinion. It confirmed the feeling that I have since more than 20 years. The mouth of the horse is full when it is closed. So the pressure of the bit will always be there, even if you don’t touch the reins.

You will bring a new tool for bitless art of riding with you – the cavesal. I was able to test it for a while and I really love it for the groundwork – can you explain the use and advantage of the cavesal in comparison to the cavemore?

The cavesal is a complete different tool for another level of education, for a complete other purpose. It is a combination of the cavesson and the bosal.

The cavemore you need when you are working in collection to keep the neck long and free.
The cavesal is for the younger horse or less educated horse.
The advantage of the cavesal compared with a regular cavesson is that you can do groundwork, you can lead and tie your horse, ride with 2 reins and longe yourself. Another advantage is that inexperienced hands can’t make so many mistakes with the cavesal compared with the cavemore.


Vielen Dank an Jossy und Pascale Reynvoet für das Interview. Ich freue mich auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen in Graz und einen lehrreichen Kurs!


Sind wir präzise in unserer Körpersprache, dann Reiten wir Einfach 😉


PS: Für Interessierte gibt es noch ein paar Zuschauerplätze beim letzten Kurs in diesem Jahr. Alle Informationen dazu, sowie Anmeldebedingungen findet ihr hier…